The weaning struggles..

So, Otis is nearly 10 months and we are still weaning. He’s been amazing so far and I couldn’t be happier with the way he is with food. He tries absolutely everything, and loves absolutely everything. You can’t eat your food in peace without a little piggy (Otis) at your feet wanting some which I can’t really complain about. We have kind of reached abit of a stand still right now though and he is point blank refusing to eat anything he can’t feed to himself. Because he’s teething he loves solid foods that feel nice against his gums/teeth, but theres only so many solid foods I can give him as he only has 2 teeth! He’s living on avacado, banana, carrot stick crisps, banana wafers and biscotti’s. After battling with him I just give in because I’d prefer him to eat something rather than nothing.




Tonight I tried something VERY out of character for me and decided to give Otis his own bowl of food to feed himself… I chose spaggheti bolognese, don’t ask why!!! It ended exactly how I imagined, if not worse. The pictures speak for themselves to be honest. He had an absolute ball. Rather than eating it, he prefered to clap with it inbetween his hands, mash in into his legs and feed it to the dog. Mallory used to do this with Blythe all the time and I used to watch in utter horror thinking, ‘I’m never doing that’ but desperate times call for desperate measures and you really will do anything to get your child to eat. They love it, exploring and playing with food are great for their develpoment. It’s lots of fun, until it’s time to clean up.. prepare for utter chaos.





Lots of love, H xx
P.S This gorgeous high chair is the new iCandy Michair! They’ve just released their very first high chair and we are HUGE fans. It comes with so many great new features that allow you to use it from newborn right the way through to after high chair stages. We have grey washable seat covers (comes in lots of other colours) which I chose to remove for this meal time! Check it out here if you’re interested.

2 thoughts

  1. Aww bless! My little one will be 6 months in January and I plan on doing baby led weaning, so I can imagine this is what my household will be looking like every time I feed her lol x


  2. Such a brave thing to do but your right totally fun for them! I give in sometimes and feel that something is better then nothing as its horrible when they dont eat! Otis looks so cute!
    Harriet xx


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