Trust your instincts mums..

So I thought I’d write a post about how important it is for us mums to trust our instinct about our children. I’ve had an on going battle with Otis and his chest. Since he’s been really young he’s struggled to get rid of little colds and had an almost constant chesty cough. I have taken him to the doctors so many times and every time been told ‘it’s nothing’ and ‘there nothing we can do’. I left every time feeling really frustrated as a mum all you want to do is make your baby better. Being told there was nothing I could do to help  was really hard. After speaking to so many people, everyone agreed it wasn’t normal and I should persevere with seeking medical advice.



Finally 9 months later Otis has been diagnosed with Asthma. This really wasn’t surprising to me as I suffered with it when I was little and it’s something that can be inherited.  I just hope like me he grows out of it. I knew it was more than just a cough and I saw a wonderful doctor who really listened and did lots of tests. She gave Otis an inhaler and ventilater to try out for a few weeks to see if it helped, which it has. It’s pretty hard to get a 9 month old to actually take an inhaler! It takes two of us to hold him down and give him the inhaler and he absolutley hates it. It makes him so upset and is heartbreaking to administer but the fact I  know it is helping him makes it worth it. I’m so glad I trusted my instinct and didn’t just take the doctors word for it the first few times. Trust your instincts mums, we know our children better than anyone and are usually right when we think something isn’t quite right.




Lots of love, H xx

One thought

  1. My little boy, Hunter is exactly the same. Nearly 1 now and he’s suffered since he was born, sounded like a little tank and constantly had one cough and cold, chest infection after the other. We’ve been given a inhaler for the past few months and have seen an improvement but he’s still always getting poorly. So frustrating and I can so relate to this post!


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