Halloween party..

Hattie and I have always loved Halloween, as children my Mum was always amazing at faceprint and making costumes for us. Sometimes the other children were frightened of us because she used to make us look so scary! Blythe is a little bit young for scary things but I still think Halloween can be lots of fun with fancy dress, games and food. I threw a little Halloween party for Blythe with some of her friends and it was so much fun. I got her super cute Halloween costume from Sainsbury’s and my mouse ears are from ASOS.







I got the cups, plates, straws and napkins from Meri Meri which is usually my ‘go to’ for paper party wear. They have such a brilliant range for all occasions. I also got Halloween cookie cutters and cupcake cases and toppers from Meri Meri. I got Halloween crackers from Sainsbury’s because apparently crackers are not just for Christmas any more! I bought cute hanging decorations from Occado aswell as light up pumpkin balloons.




I baked halloween biscuits for the children to decorate  with icing pens and sprinkles. Kids love doing this so it is always a good one for any party or play date! I bought special pumpkin stickers from Occado because Blythe and her friends are all a bit little to be handling knives and carving up pumpkins. They loved the stickers and made some amazing pumpkin creations.  I also bought a halloween craft pack from sainsburies with lots of paper, pompoms, pipe cleaners and foam shapes. We played a pumpkin treasure hunt where the kids had to find foam pumpkins around the house to win a chocolate treat. They loved doing this! We also played the more traditional apple bobbing and flour game. We hid sweets in the flour for the children to retrieve with their teeth. It was VERY messy! We also had a cauldron of cold beans and a bowl of mushed up jelly with hidden spiders, creepy crawlies and wrapped sweets for the children to find using their hands. This was really good sensory play for the younger ones and the older ones loved it too!






We ate lots of yummy food and finished off with some dancing and singing games. Everyone was exhausted and Blythe fell asleep on the sofa in her playroom.. something she has never EVER done!


Happy Halloween!
Love M x


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