Autumn essentials..

I love Autumn, it is such a pretty time of year with all the leaves changing colour and falling to the ground. I also love Halloween and bonfire night so I get pretty excited. It also means Christmas is coming. I have been getting really into knitwear the last couple of seasons. A good collection of knitwear is so essential for every wardrobe. I am as usual loving ZARA and they have some incredible knitwear which I have been living in. I love this tie up jumper it’s so on trend. I really like the neutral tone it means it can be worn with just about anything, denim or leather trousers are my go to with this jumper.




I love leather and Autumn always means getting out my leather trousers. These are a slightly more tailored cropped style of leather trouser, so they are slightly baggy on the knee rather then a skinny leg. They keep your legs warm and I just love the different textures together. I have paired my outfit with my trusty Mulberry handbag that I have had for a few years now. I  use it so much in Autumn and Winter, it’s the perfect size. I LOVE these boots from ASOS, they are comfy have pointed toe and a chunky leopard/tortoise shell heel.



SOOOO awkardly when I was taking these photos outside of a pretty front door someone beeped their horn at me.. I thought nothing of it but then a woman came running over shouting CAN I HELP YOU!? It was her house I was standing infront of! Eeeeeeek. It was all ok, she didn’t really mind she just thought we may have been coming to view her property. Back to taking pictures in front of a brick wall I go!!!

Hope you like my look,
Love M xx

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