Picking Pumpkins..

This is the first time we have ever gone to pick our own pumpkins and it was really good fun. We went to a local pumpkin farm and Blythe and Otis dressed up in these cute Pumpkin tops from Wilko. They were a real bargain at only £5.00, Blythe LOVED being a pumpkin and the fact baby O was also a pumpkin made it even better in her eyes.




She loved picking up the pumpkins and seeing all the different shapes and sizes. She choose two pumpkins one for Otis and one for herself. She was so excited to go home and show daddy her pumpkin. We couldn’t believe how huge some of them were and had never seen so many different varieties. Who knew pumpkins could be so beautiful!





It is quite an American tradition to pick pumpkins out but it seems to be becoming more and more popular over here. Hattie and I have always loved halloween and fancy dress and I think it is really fun to get involved in holidays and seasonal occasions especially when you have children. Even if it is a bit cheesy or commercial.


Do you have any Halloween traditions? We would love to hear them!
Love M xx

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  1. Pumpkin picking is so much fun! And makes for awesome photo backgrounds! Where is that olive color crossbody bag from? It’s such a beautiful color for fall.


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