Otis’s favourite things..

Otis is nearly 9 months now.. I know, how did that happen? I just can’t believe how quickly time is going. I thought I’d share a few of his favourite things with you guys incase any of you have little ones who are at a similar age or give you yummy mummy’s to be a few ideas.


1. Sleepyhead– as most of you will know Otis has always slept in a sleepy head from newborn. He’s now outgrown his first teeny tiny sleepy head and is in the 8+ month one now, which is pretty huge but someone Otis makes it look small. It fills the whole cot and stops him rolling around and getting trapped inbetween his cot (which happened when we tried a few nights sleep without it) I honestly couldn’t reccomend these more!


2. Bathtime – Otis is a HUGE fan of bathtime. He’s so chilled and happy when he’s in the bath and just loves playing with his toys splashing around. I love bathing with him too, it’s definitely a happy place for us. Try making bathtime a bedtime routine for your little one if you don’t already. It’s a great way to unwind and relax for them.


3. Dressing gown – I bought Otis the cutest dressing gown from MY1STYEARS which he adores. We put it on every morning when we come down to play. He stroked the arm of it as a little comforter which is super cute. The dressing gown tie is attatched so can’t fall off which is really handy, it’s perfect for these chilly mornings and nights.


4. Toys – Otis is at the age where he is kind of interested in his toys for a few minutes but more excited by things he’s not allowed. Something he does love is toys that make loud noises, especially these v-tec cars I found in BABIESRUS. They play really annoying songs but he’s obsessed which means we love them in our house!

5. Muslin, dummy and Ewan – we definitely can’t go to bed without these! They are Otis’s bed time loves and we’d never face a bedtime without them. Try giving your little one a comfort object from early on, it helps make them feel secure and they’ll associate it with sleeptime. It really worked for us!


I think Mummy is his favourite if you ask me!! I’d love to hear if your little ones have any common loves or anything you’d think Otis would like.
Lots of love, H xx

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