Embroidered Jeans..

I am obsessed with embroidery and I am loving that it is such huge trend at the moment. It is literally everywhere, I love embroidered denim and found these gorgeous pink flower embroidered jeans from TOPSHOP. I don’t really shop much in TOPSHOP anymore I used to love it but they need to win me back a bit! They have quite a good range of embroidered jeans to choose from though. I have paired my jeans with a ZARA silk shirt and ZARA ballet flats which are super comfy but quite delicate. I have just had a hair cut which is why my locks are looking a bit shorter. I was a bit sad that my hairdresser took off a bit more then I was expecting but it feels fresh and healthy and will grow back!





As you know I really like to coordinate with Blythe even if it is just a similar theme or colour scheme. I think I get this from my mum as she always liked us to look coordinated with each other. Sometimes it’s quite accidental and I will dress her in red and blue and end up putting similar colours on myself just because they were in my head.


Blythe is wearing a pair of gorgeous embroidered jeans from NEXT they have some great embroidery pieces for kids. I have paired them with a matching embroidered coat and boho white blouse also from NEXT. She is wearing tan boots with tassel and pompom detail from ZARA.

Hope you like our embroidery looks,
Love M xx


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