I’ve been weaning now for a few months so thought I’d share my experience with it so far. I’m the complete opposite to Mallory and read near to no books at all throughout my whole pregnancy and parenthood so when it came to weaning I just kind of followed what Otis wanted. I knew he was ready for food as he was showing all the ‘signs’ and had reached 6 months. I was super lucky and the first time trying baby food went amazingly. He was not satisfied with just a few spoonfuls and wanted to finish nearly a whole Ellas Kitchen pouch! After about a week of introducing food to his diet he had already dropped a bottle, so instead of 6 feeds he was having 5.



After the second week Otis was having 3 meals a day aswell as a very reduced 5 feeds. I really didn’t know anything about weaning but Otis told me when he was hungry and we got into a pretty great routine that worked for him. There hasn’t been anything he’s tried and not liked, which I’m told is pretty impressive! His favourite savoury is spaghetti bolegneise and his favourite sweet is banana custard. I occasionally blend our dinners, but for me I find it so much easier whilst on the go to buy ready made foods. Otis now has 4 4oz feeds and 3 baby meals a day!


Don’t be worried about weaning. Every baby is really different but meal times should be fun so don’t get too stressed if they’re not eating as much as you expected. Some days Otis isn’t interested at all and other days he eats loads! It takes some babies longer to adjust than others so be patient mummys. I definitely don’t play by the rules and am probably doing something some people wouldn’t agree with but it works for us and my happy little boy.


Love H xx

5 thoughts

  1. its so hard to know whats right! Sonnys now 1 and somedays eats amazing and others not much at all so I try to not stress and just go with it! I also find ready made pouches a god send for ‘on the go’
    Great post xxx


  2. Whatever you are doing, your Doing great Otis looks so healthy and happy!
    My little boy is 3 days younger than Otis so was wondering what you feed as a normal Otis for each meal? I’ve weaned since he was 4 months old as he had really bad reflux so healTh visitor advised us too.. But always doubt what I do haha! So was wondering what food he has and how much? I know not all baby’s are the same but just to see if I’m on the right track lol.
    Thanks, Chloe xx


    1. Hi Chloe, so nice to hear from you! Thanks for your kind message. It really varies, some days he eats way more than other but normally he has about half to 3/4 a jar for lunch and same for dinner along with a yogurt/fruit pouch for dessert at each meal time. For breakfast he has porridge. Don’t worry if your little one has more or less because every baby is so different! Love H xx


  3. Ahh thank you fo getting back to me! Teddy basically has the same or very similar so that’s good to know 🙂 swear by the jars and pouches they are soo good ! 🙂 xx


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