Styling a ponytail..

Now we all love a good pony tail, but getting the kendal jenner vibe rather then the ‘I didn’t have time to brush my hair’ isn’t always easy. Here are my 2 fav pony tails and my top tips for keeping it as glam as you can with minimum effort. I always find it best to work with ‘dirty’ hair, by dirty I mean not freshly washed which if you’re a mum you’ll know rarely happens so this is perfect for us. Otis is forever pulling all my hair out too which means I’m always trying new fun ways of wearing it up. I always finish my pony tails by wraping a piece of hair around the hair bobble and securing it with a grip. I think this just tidys up the whole look!





This high pony tail is my go to day time look when I don’t have time to wash my hair but I need to somehow look presentable! Dry shampoo is my best friend and disguises my greasy locks for an effortless messy up do. The messier the better! I always rough it up and pull strands out around my face so it doesn’t look too perfect.






This low middle parting pony tail is great for day or night. Sometimes Otis leaves me with no time to do my hair so I often opt for this up do for dinner. It’s such an easy effortless look which I’m obsessed with right now.

I hope you like my up do looks and they show you that it’s more than ok to wear your hair in a ponytail!
Love H xx

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