Mini break with a baby..

Thank god for international breaks! We have just got back from the most gorgeous 3 days in Portugal and I loved every minute of it. This summer was a bit of a right off for us due to Korey having an operation on his ankle, so we really wanted to take full advantage of the few days Korey got off over the weekend. It can be quite daunting going away with little ones but my advice is DO IT! I think the idea of it is a lot more stressful than it actually is. People seem to think that people abroad don’t have babies and you have to bring every single thing with you just incase, but most good hotels are really helpful when it comes to kids so try and relax. I thought I’d do a little check list essential of things that I’ve found really useful whilst away with Otis.




Ready made milk:
These are a God send. They’re more expensive than buying powdered formula but they are so worth it whilst around the pool and at the beach. They’re a quick way to feed a hungry baby and lets face it a happy baby is a happy mummy! They really made our life so much easier.

Cheap travel buggy:
This is a must! We made the mistake of bring our Bugaboo pram with us on our first holiday and really regret it. They treat it with absoluetly no worth at the airport so buying a cheap one for your travels is so worth while. We got ours from Mothercare and it was about 40 quid!

Cold water sterlising bags:
Who knew? These are fab for sterilising in your hotel room and for light packing. They allow you to use forgien water and is a really quick easy and stress free way to sterilise. I bought mine from Amazon but other places sell them too so have a search.

Pool float:
Otis is obsessed with the pool and gets really frustrated when we are holding him so a baby float is a great way to stay safe and let them have a bit of freedom. He could touch the bottom of the baby pool in portugal and somehow managed to walk amazingly around the pool in his float, it was super cute!


I hope this little list helps any of you who are yet to travel with your little ones!
Love H xx

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