Fun tees…

We are loving Zara at the moment, well ok we always love Zara. I think both hattie and I agree that if we could only pick one shop to shop in for the rest of our lives it would probably have to be Zara. They have such a huge selection and are always really on trend.


They do some more high fashion pieces as well as more affordable everyday basics. They are great to pair with jeans and trainers for running around with the kids but still feeling like you have made and effort. Hattie’s black tee can also be dressed up really easily with heels, a leather jacket or blazer would also look great over it. We love the fun feature of the top that you can turn the sequins the other way to change the word on the front. My T-shirt can either say NEW YORK or PARIS and Hattie’s can say ON or OFF.





My colourful leopard print tee is from ASOS which I’m obsessed with. It’s my go to in my wardrobe atm as it just seems to brighten up a boring outfit. Leapoard print is so on trend right now and this is such a fun way of wearing it.




Love M xxx

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