Braids and stripes..

We love plaits and braids, they are really quick and easy to do once you get the hang of them and are such a good way of getting your hair off your face and still looking feminine. They always add a real boho, romantic feel to any look which we love. They look effortless yet pulled together and are much more appealing on the eye then a ponytail. This looks really complicated but it’s just a dutch braid across the head, just start it far behind the ear and carry it over to the other side. It looks great clipped in place with your hair down too, or with the plait carried right down.



You can never go wrong with a staple stripey top, they are such a timeless classic and always look chic. We are always on the look out for the perfect stripey tee to add to our wardrobe. Hattie’s oversized stripey tee is from H&M my striped top is from ZARA.




Hope you like our simple effortless looks,
Love M xx

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