I always heard mums talk about teething and  how hideous it was but I never really knew the full extent of it until recently. Wow it really is hideous. Otis has always been an amazing sleeper but his two bottom teeth have just popped through so the last couple of weeks have been a bit of a struggle. I’ve been spoilt with sleep since he was born so I can’t really complain but the hardest part is seeing my happy little boy in such pain. What do you do when nothing will settle your kicking screaming baby at 4am? I wish this was a post to tell you all I have the answers, but unfortuntely it’s just to say you’re not alone mums!


Otis has really suffered and was hit with diarrhoea and a cold all at once. He was so unwell and unhappy and all he wanted was to be attatched to me 24 hours of the day. I gave him a lot more feeds and a lot more cuddles which was the only thing that got us through last week. Ibroprofen is also our new best friend. I’ve always given him calpol but Mallory reccomened ibroprofen for teething which has been brilliant. Anbesol liquid has also been a huge help, it’s great for instant numbing for their gums and the medicine is best for longer lasting pain relief. Something else that really eases the pain is cold teething chews, (put in the fridge or freezer to cool) he loves the feeling against his gums and seems to almost forget about the pain which is lovely to see. Stock up now if teething hasn’t hit your babies yet!


A proud picture of his first two teeth!

Please let me know if you have any other teething suggestions.
Love H xx


2 thoughts

  1. Hey,

    I found the teething hard with my little girlie, Daisy, she’s one and half now and has almost a full set. I really found the Aston and parsons teething powders great! They really help with the pain for your little one and also soothes them. Hope you find this helpful,

    Hollie x


  2. Ahhhh God teething we cracked the whole sleeping thing finally and then wham more teeth coming through back to wake ups through the night again. Bless him. Have you tried Amber bracelets. They helped with the dribble for Henry. Are you weaning Yet… Henry seems to like gnawing on different foods


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