Bath thermae spa..

It’s date night! Korey and I got a ‘twighlight for 2’ package for christmas for the Thermae spa in Bath and we have finally found time to use them. My mum is staying with us and is baby sitting Otis so we had the evening off.






The package includes 4 hours using the spa facilities and a meal in their restaurant. It’s such a good idea to do as a present because it kind of forces you to make time for something you want to do. I’m a huge fan!




We are lucky to live so close to Bath as it’s such a beautiful city with so many great things to do. The Thermae spa definitely being up there! The rooftop view of bath is breathtaking and super romantic. It’s also great for girly trips and birthdays.


We also had a couples massage which was amazing and the masseuse commented that we were both really tight on the same side from carrying Otis!  It was such a lovely way to spend the evening. we would definitely recommend  it to anyone looking for a spa day/night!

Love H xx


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