Stila obsessed..

We have a new makeup obession, the correct and perfect from STILA. It is amazing. I am someone who always has quite dark circles under my eyes even if I am well rested which as a mum, lets face it I am generally not! The pallette is perfect for correcting dark circles, reddness and sallowness. It consits of 5 colour correcting creams which are really buildable  as well as 2 translucent finishing powders. The pallette also helps minimise the appearance of pores and fine lines. It looks quite scary when you see the green, purple and orange as these are not colours you would usally asscoiate with your skin but they really do work wonders.



The orange cream nutralises blue/purple so it is perfect for correcting under eye circles.  The green cream  nutrualises red, this will help with acne and sunburn. The pink cream will highlight the eye area and helps to mask fatigue. Theres no real right or wrong place to put it, it’s what works for you and where you feel your areas of concern are.


To apply the correct and perfect pallette we use a combination of the micro mini beauty blenders and the orignal beauty blender, these are our favourite way to apply foundation and concealer too. We have finnished our base makeup with NARS radiant creamy concealer and NARS sheer glow foundation. We were so happy with the outcome, I especially felt like it helped majorly with my dark under eye circles and Hattie loved how it concealed her red areas.



Give it a try, we can’t do our makeup without it!
Love M xx


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