Another choker..

So we are obsessed with chokers right now and one of my best friends Naomi, has just started her own business making them! She hand makes the most amazing chokers which she decided to start doing when she couldn’t find any she liked online. She sells really unique designs for such good value. They are a great way of adding a bit of excitment to a casual look, I live in them!






Naomi has just started making childrens chokers too which are so adorable, I think they are such a fun idea. Blythe absolutley loved wearing them and matching both of us. She’s such a girly girl and loves dressing up! These are great for parties or special occasions and come in some really cute designs. This strawberry one was Blythe’s favourite!




Naomi is always adding new designs to her collection to keep things fresh and on trend. There’s so much to chose from so definitely something for everyone! Here are a few of my personal favourites that I shot with Naomi for her website..






Use BOURNSISTER10 for 10% off at checkout !
Hope you love theses chokers as much as us.
Love H xx

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