ProBlo blow dry..

I’ve found the answer to all my blow dry troubles.. Problo! You’ll probably know from my previous hair posts, I love a good blow dry and when I can be bothered to do my hair, blow drying is the only way I tend to style it so I’m always looking for new things to make it easier.



Now I’m a mum the time I have to get ready has become a lot less so these have been amazing. The idea is that you blow dry your hair and then detach the handle leaving the ceramic barrel in your hair to create a bouncy curl. These make it super easy and quick to do as you don’t have to faff around with rollers. They come with clips to secure the barrels in so you can get on with other things too without them falling out. (getting ready, changing nappies etc)



If you’re not great at blow drying another good way to create a cheat blow dry is straighten your hair and apply the barrel to your hair while it’s still hot. Allowing your hair to cool wrapped around the barrel will create the same effect. I left these in for literally about 10 minutes while I rushed my makeup before Otis woke up from his nap, they can create as much curl as you want really, it just depends how long you leave them. That’s what I really love about them, the outcome is great even with only 20 mins to spare!

Love H xx


3 thoughts

  1. Love this post! I was wondering what colours your hairdresser uses when you get highlights? Love the shade of blonde it’s so lovely x


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