Bedtime routine..

So from my previous posts you’ll probably know I’m quite strict with Otis’ bedtime routine. I introduced it as early as possible, in just the first few weeks. I bottle feed Otis so can understand it was a lot easier for me to introduce a routine than it would be if you breastfeed but I think anything is possible with some preserverence. Being a new mum is pretty daunting and you’ll be getting unwanted advice from absolutely anyone, but this is really just what worked for me so I wanted to share with you all. (This picture is of me and Otis when he was just a few weeks old, where has the time gone?!!!!!)


BATH 7PM: Otis has a bath every night and he absoutely loves it. I started this at about 2 weeks old but did every other night until he was 4 weeks. I think this is such a great way to get your baby to understand it’s nearly bedtime. I absolutely love this time with Otis, he’s always loved it which is why I think we do it every night. He splashes around so much and loves having his hair washed. In the first few weeks I only used warm water and a baby sponge to bath him but once he was a few months old I used Baby Bees shampoo and wash and still do now. I absolutely love the smell and it’s a great all natural product.


WIND DOWN: After a bath I bring Otis into our room where I like to keep it really quiet with low lights to calm him down. I give him a baby massage using Baby Bees oil and apply Baby Bees diaper cream. I’m Baby Bees mad if you haven’t noticed! I started this massage technique when Otis was young as it used to help him poo, he loved it so I just continued. It’s literally just gentle circular motions across your babys body. We always read a book or two before his bottle, he loves listening and trying to grab the book off me.




BED 7.30/45PM: Otis has a 7oz bottle which is drains and he’s off. We have always been so lucky with him as he’s great at sleeping. He usually stirs when I put him down which is where Ewan the dream sheep is my favour. This has different calming noise settings which Otis loves, that and his beloved dummy!


Happy sleeping mums! There’s no wrong or right so remember to just do what works for you.
Love H xx

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