Otis 6 months …

I can’t believe Otis is nearly 6 months, I seriously can’t get my head around where the time has gone. I’ve been looking back at pictures of him when he was new born and I just can’t get over how much he’s grown and changed.

IMG_9221IMG_932927 (4)

He has developed such a personality and is the happiest little baby. He obviously has his moments, but the majoirty of the time he’s laughing or chatting away to us. We introduced baby food into his diet a few weeks ago and were so happy with how much he enjoyed it. I really didn’t know anything about weaning so read up online a few things and then just decided to go with it. Considering he’s been loving it, it’s been pretty easy and we’ve introduced him to a few different flavours already. His favourites are the fruit purees and custards (I love them too) and the only one he really hated was cottage pie!




Otis is a brilliantly sleeper too, we have a strict bedtime routine that I love doing with him. I think routines are so important and he’s always pretty thrown and doesn’t sleep as well if it’s changed. I never thought I’d be the routine type but I’ve found them so beneficial. He also loves toys now and is so interested in things that make a noise. He plays for so long on his mat rolling around chatting to himself. He loves babytv, which I never knew was an actual thing, it’s amazing and he is always mesmerised by it.



Blythe loves ‘Baby O’ which is so sweet! We have all been really taken a back by how obsessed with him she is. We had expected she might be jealous of him but she is so caring towards him. She loves to cuddle him and is always asking to “duddle baby O” she loves to help out with his bottle and nappy and putting his dummy in. When he cries she even attempts her best rendition of baa baa black sheep. It’s adorable. Hopefully she will be just as enthusiastic when Mallory has another baby.


I had convinced myself after my horrific pregnancy and birth that having another baby was kind of out of the question. After looking back through new born pictures I’m starting to think another baby in the future might be something to consider! How adorable are new borns? I mean how could I never want that again!!

Love H xx

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