Half up, half down..

I am absolutely loving this look right now and seem to find myself always going for this when I’m not quite sure what to do. It’s super easy and is a great way to switch up your look with very little effort.



I’ve been trying not to use any heat on my hair for awhile now, just to keep the condition good. I find if I over use straighteners etc they just ruin my hair so I’ve been keeping away and am so happy with the result. Usually my hair can go quite frizzy but I’ve been using this Toni & Guy salt spray. Brush your hair and then apply it to damp, towel dry hair after the shower and the literally just leave it to dry. I then section a small part of my hair and create a bun using a bobble and grips to secure it in place. If a bun isn’t really your thing, it also looks great in just a half up pony tail. You can put up as much as you like, but I prefer only a small section.



TOP TIP: Use your grip to create a neat parting to section your hair. It works perfectly and means you can do it anywhere you go.



Hope you love my simple hair look!
Love H xx

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