DIY pom pom..

 We are absolutey loving pom pom sandals right now and there are so many out there to chose from so we thought we’d share a few options with you guys. Our all time favourites are of course the super expensive Dolce and Gabbana pair which we fell in love with. Mallory found a really similar pair from Zara which are amazing. The colours are gorgeous and she tells me they’re super comfy. They are so versitile and can be worn with so many things, dressed up or down. They’re our summer must have!




I’ve been staying with my mum in Norfolk and she is so creative so we decided to make our own pom pom shoes. We didn’t ever think they’d turn out as well as they did, well she did.. I didn’t! I was so impressed with them and I enjoy wearing them even more knowing I made them. We bought a cheapish pair of plain brown sandals from New look and a few pom poms from John Lewis and used other bits and pieces from my mums ‘creative box’. You could literally use any old sandals and cover them with whatever you fancy, all you need is a glue gun and lots of pom poms! You can be as crazy as you like with them too.





I hope you love our pom pom sandals and I’ve managed to inspire you to make some of your own!
Love H xx

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