H&M kids….

 Hattie and I love H&M, It is amazing for basics and also does some beautiful statement pieces. They are great for Swimwear and are amazing for kids clothes. I picked up a few lovely summer outfits for Blythe and was amazed at what good value they were so thought I would share them with you all. These sets were around £3.99 per item which is so much cheaper then what I usually spend on her clothes and still great quality. At that price it would really be rude not too!  The material is lovely and light and the prints are pretty and summery. She seems to like them too! she has taken to standing against one of the walls in our garden and saying ‘cheese mummy’! She is such a cheeky little thing.







I love the strawberry print of this outfit it’s so cute and Blythe loves strawberries so it is perfect for her! I expect it to be covered in real strawberry by the end of the day as they are on of her favourite snacks. I have paired it with this Mini Boden cardigan which matches perfectly.







I also love this pretty floral print, we have gone for the dress version with matching shorts. I love seeing Blythe in comfy light clothes  for summer. I would really recommend  having a look in H&M to grab a bargain.

 Love M xxx

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