Blythe’s Play Room….

I have been so excited to move into our new house for lots of reasons but one of the things I have been most looking forward to is Blythe having her own playroom. Like most children she has far too many toys and with an ever-growing collection things can get  bit out of hand! I am not a neat freak  at all but in our old house toys dominated so it is really lovely that they now have a place of their own. The room isn’t finished yet but I thought I would show you how it’s looking so far. She is so happy in her room and I have already noticed a real difference in the way she plays with her toys. She can access them more easily and everything is tailored to play. In our old house she spent most of her  time climbing the furniture, touching ornaments or playing with the dogs food!  Now she is much more focused on playing, drawing and reading stories. It is so lovely watching her play and seeing her imagination develop. I  was always really jealous of friends with playrooms growing up and feel very lucky that we have the space to have a play room for Blythe.



I wanted the room to be fun and colourful but still a room I would want to spend most of my day in! So far her play room has definitely been the most used room in the house. I Love the Great Little Trading Company for children’s furniture and toys and have bought lots from them for the play room as well as for Blythe’s bedroom. Toy storage is a really important aspect of a play room and I chose this toy storage shelving unit along with grey and pink star cubes. It has been great for organising her toys so that she can play with different things at different times.  I love this framed Quote  from Oliver Bonas, It is colourful and the perfect quote for a playroom! I hope Blythe will ‘work hard, play hard and be kind!’  The bright Animals are by Talking Tables and I actually found them on ASOS!




Blythe has lots of books!  I like to keep the reading material fresh because I get bored reading the same stories every day over and over, I like to enjoy the book too!I think reading books is so important for children. To keep all her books tidy  I chose these star book ledges from GLTC and I just love them, they look great and Blythe can access the lowest shelf really easily. She loves choosing a book and then putting it back once we have finished. I tend to rotate what’s on the bottom shelf to allow her some variety. I have chosen a gorgeous grey star rug from GLTC to match the star theme. These gorgeous house shelves are also from The Great Little Trading company and they are so sweet! They would be great for a bedroom too! The gorgeous PomPom cushion on the sofa is from WAWAS. I chose this sweet table and chairs from IKEA. I love IKEA it is such a fun shop, I love to see how they put things together and their storage ideas, It is always great for a bargain.





 I had to share this picture with you, every day Blythe lays out her ‘happy land’ people on their chairs with a cake to eat! it is so cute! Hope you liked taking a peak at Blythe’s Playroom, It is still very much a work in progress, I will be showing you some other rooms soon, Let me know which room you would like to see next!

Love M xx

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