An interview with us..

We thought we would  do another interview with us post as people are always asking us lots of questions or for advice if you have any other questions you would like us to answer in a future post please let us know!


Do you ever argue?

M: YES, all the time. Hattie can be so moody!

H: And Mallory has an absolutely awful temper! Joe and korey can never understand how dramatic our arguments  are and how we are always best friends again five minutes later.

M: I think when your so close to someone and share everything with them it’s really normal to fall out. We can’t all agree on everything!

H: We never go to bed angry with each other, ever since we were little we have to say I love you and goodnight!


What’s your favourite thing about eachother?

H: Mallory has the biggest, kindest heart. She is always thinking of everyone around her and is so generous in everything she does. It’s something I have always admired.

M: Hattie is so caring, she looks after everyone with so much love and effort. She is  always happy to go of her way to help someone and would never let anyone down.

What’s your favourite thing in eachother wardrobe?

H: Mine would have to be Mallorys boho tassle Mulberry. It’s super cute and I’ve always loved it. I’d definitely steal this if I could.

M: Interestingly my favourite item in Hattie’s wardrobe is also a handbag. Her Givenchy bag is so gorgeous and I alway’s have bag envy when she uses it!


What’s your favourite memory together?

H: Mine definitely has to be watching my neice come into the world and sharing it with Mallory and Joe. It was such an incredible experience that I will always cherish.

M: That is a hard one, we have so many special memories over the years, I would say when Otis was born because it was incredible to see him for the first time and felt so privileged to share that with Hattie and Korey but I also found Hattie’s birth extremely scary!  Obviously the day Blythe was born was really special and I loved having Hattie there with me. I don’t want to copy Hattie’s answer though so I will choose an older memory. When we were younger I was always scared to sleep in my own bedroom, I used to go into Hattie’s room and she would let me sleep with her. To try and make sure my mum didn’t move me back into my own bed we used to hold hands and tangle our legs together so that we couldn’t be separated but every morning I would wake up in my own bed.


What’s your favourite feature on each other?

H: Mallorys different coloured eyes! I have always been jealous of these. They’re amazing. They really change colour in different lights, I could just stare at them for ages.

M: Hattie’s olive skin! I am always so jealous of her tan amazing!

What’s your go to outfit?

H: Jeans, white Tshirt and trainers. This is what I live in! I love white and think it always looks fresh, espeically in the summer with a tan. You can never go wrong with a good pair of jeans, (my favs are from LEE, the fit is great for me) so these with your favourite trainers is always a winner!

M: Jeans, a white blouse and a jacket. I love Jackets especially embellished ones! I have a whole wardrobe just for Jackets. I always end up buying a new Jacket when I go shopping and I live in them.


Fave beauty secret?

H: Sudocream! I used to cake my face in this when I was a hormonal spotty teenager. Thankfully I don’t suffer that badly anymore but whenever I see one coming this is the first thing I apply.

M: Drink lots of water, it’s so good for your skin and your overall health, I think most people don’t drink enough of it.

Love M and H xx





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