Holiday beauty essentials..

On holiday it is so important to look after your hair. With the sun and chlorine all working to damage and dry it out it is really important to use a good shampoo and conditioner to keep it healthy and fresh. My friend is a hairdresser so she recomended these amazing Redkin products which I’m obsessed with. They smell amazing and are great for protection against the sun and chlorine. If you’re blonde like us it’s even more important to proect your hair from chlorine or you can get a horrible green tinge, which lets be honest nobody wants. If this does happen a quick DIY way to get it back to normal is ketchup, it’s as weird as it sounds and the smell is probably the worst thing but caking your hair in ketchup and leaving it forawhile will remove any nasty greenness! I’ve done it many times before I found these wonderful products.


Another essential is a good face suncream. It’s so important to proctect your whole body and espeically your face from the sun. I always use a seperate one as I find the consistency a lot nicer and it doesn’t give you that cloggy feeling. This year I’ve bought a NIVEA one which I’ve used before and loved. It smells great, easy to apply and is lovely and light on the skin.


My favourite makeup products to bring on holiday are defintely my Chanel Universal Bronze and Garnier BB cream. I never wear foundation in the summer when I’ve got a bit of colour so these products are perfect if you want something lighter but still want to a small bit of coverage and glow. The BB cream is amazing. I apply is with a damp Beauty Blender and I always forget I’ve got it on, which is great when you’re in a hot country. The Chanel Universal Bronze is a cream based bronzer that gives you an amazing glow. I literally couldn’t do my makeup without this, espeically in the summer.


My final beauty essential is a great gradual tan, if you’re only going away for a few days and the thought of getting into your bikini looking like casper is worrying you one of my favourite gradual tans is Garnier. It gives you such a nice natural glow and doesn’t give a horrible orangey build up that some give. I prefer going au natural before holiday but I know some people like a bit of help so this a great one for that.



Happy holidays! Love H xx


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