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Hattie and I always try to be pretty healthy but after having a baby you feel like you kind of owe it to your child to be the healthiest version of yourself. Not to mention wanting to get back to your pre baby body, which for me is still very much a work in progress! We are not really about strict starvation diets or banning whole food groups, we are more everything in moderation then NO CAKE EVER kind of girls!


Young children are so prone to catching bugs, coughs and colds and as a result as a mother you generally end up catching them too! A friend recommended VITL vitamins and minerals to us and we have really felt the difference since taking them over the last few months. Hattie and I have both been using the VITL nutrition packs which is a 28 day supply of daily vitamins. One multivitamin to aid your immune system and general health. One Omega-3 tablet which supports a healthy heart and brain function! One Co-Enzyme Q10, this plays an essential role in energy production and protects your cells from damage! I have definitely felt more energised since taking these and can often use an energy boost due to not a lot of sleep! One supergreens tablet which includes 15 natural super foods including kale, spirulina and acai berry this really helps in ensuring you are getting your 5 a day which can often be a challenge.


VITL also do an amazing superfood powder called VITL Greens which makes good nutrition super easy. You just need to add the energy boosting blend to juice, water or even a meal. The powder contains Spirulina, Maca, Goji Berry, Tumeric, Green Tea and Seagreens. They are gluten free and vegan friendly. They help in boosting energy levels, immunity and promoting healthy skin, hair and nails. We also made an amazing banana bread using the VITL Greens which was delicious and nutritious!


We both love smoothies and fruit juice but it is often loaded with added sugar, we were recommended Savse smoothies and juices which are an amazing blend of fruit and veg.  Their drinks are  100% natural and have no added sugar which is amazing and they taste so fresh and delicious, perfect for summer. The story behind their brand is a great one, the juices are inspired by the family’s mother Nina who found she had an Iron deficiency during pregnancy and concocted fresh fruit and veg juices in order for her and her baby to be properly nourished. Her original recipes are now bottled up and available to buy in supermarkets, so you can get that homemade taste without the hassle of making it yourself.


Love M xx

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