Getting back in shape..

So Otis is 4 months already, I can’t believe how fast it’s gone. Before I was pregnant I was so into my fitness, I went to the gym everyday for about 30 minutes and got so into it. I used to youtube easy exercises for me to do and followed loads of cool fitness instagram accounts. Since having Otis I really haven’t done anything and I’m desperate to get back in shape. It’s so hard to find the time at the moment espeically since he’s started teething and all he wants is comforting. So getting 30 minutes to myself is impossible.




The first step is buying yourself some new gym stuff, I think it’s super important to feel good while working out. Well, as good as you possibly can and it’s kind of motivating too. My workout things are from USA PRO and my trainers are ADIDAS. Both are super comfy and easy to work out in.


I’m definitely no fitness expert, but I always do things that I know work for me and try and push myself more and more. Sit ups, planking, squats and leg rises were my daily exercises that I’m slowly getting back into. Even setting aside 15 minutes a day will make you feel great. Be easy on yourself at first and build it up more each time. Don’t be afraid to push yourself, although you’ll ache for days after it’s really worth it when you start seeing results. You definitley don’t need to be a member of a gym either, home workouts can be just as good if you invest in a few things. It is amazing what you can do with things you already have in the house, cans of beans will do as light weights! Improvsing is key and working out at home is all I can do right now.




Happy working out guys, enjoy the sunshine while it lasts.
Love H xx

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