How to get more sleep…

 How to get more sleep?
If I knew the answer to this I would be a very rich woman! When you become a parent you become slightly sleep obsessed. When will your baby sleep through the night? How can you all get more sleep? I am not promising you more sleep or that any of these things will work for you, but desperate times call for desperate measures so it won’t hurt to try!


Being a mum can be hard work and I am always looking for things to make my job just that little bit easier. Between Hattie and I we have found a few things that have really helped us out when it comes to bedtime.



The sleepy head
This is by no means a miracle worker but after reading countless shining reviews on John lewis I succumbed and the next day it was ours. Blythe slept purely in our arms for the first month of her life, we hated hearing her cry and in our sleep deprived new parent minds taking it in turns to hold her while she slept seemed to make sense. The sleepy head made her feel secure, cuddled and comfy and she began to sleep much better, it helped her transition into her cot and I would say it has been well worth the money for the extra sleep it gave us all! on my recommendation Hattie has used the sleepy head from day one and Otis is an amazing sleeper the credit for this can’t be purely given to the sleepy head I think he has inherited his dads amazing sleep abilitys!



Ewan the dream sheep
Hattie bought Ewan when otis was couple of months old and can’t reccomend it more. Although Otis is a good sleeper, of course like all babies he has nights when he wont settle as well or wakes in the night. He absolutley loves Ewan and as soon as it’s on he becomes so relaxed and sleepy. It has different settings, like relaxing music, the sound of the womb and heartbeat which for babies is a really familiar sound which makes them feel safe and close to their mum. Otis never goes anywhere without Ewan and Hattie even attatches it to his pushchair! He’s Otis’s best friend.



 BT Video Monitor 7500
Putting your baby in their own room for the first night can be a really daunting experience. It made me feel a little bit better knowing I could watch her on the screen, which for the first few weeks was exactly what I did!  I wouldn’t take my eyes of the screen. Joe used to remind me that it wasn’t a TV and I shouldn’t be staring at it non stop! I may as well have been in the room with her. I soon relaxed and now although I still glance at it regularly I am able to get on with jobs in the day while she naps and enjoy my evening while she sleeps. It has amazing features such as a light show, music and sound and a talk feature. This means you can speak to your child to calm them. Play music or sounds to soothe them, Blythe particularly likes the whale sounds and calming waves, I have got so used to having the montior by my bed playing relaxing wave music that I almost can’t sleep without it now!


 Perfect prep machine
Hattie bottle feeds Otis and she invested in the Tommee Tippee perfect prep machine after a few recommendations and it’s her favourite thing ever. I breast fed Blythe so don’t really know how hard it is to make bottles through the night, but I can imagine! This machine allows you to have the bottle at the perfect temperature within just a few minutes. Think of it like a coffee machine for milk! It’s amazing and helps her so much. This means you can sleep a little longer!

Hope this is helpful! Love M xx

P.s here are some cute sleeping pics of Blythe and Otis!












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  1. Oh that sleeping head pillow looks great! As you said, it looks like it would make them feel more safe, which would mean easier transition into the cot. I definitely need one of these, my son doesn’t like how big the cot is and just plays around in there instead of sleeps! I have a similar lamb that has white noise which works like a dream. ; ) That bottle machine sounds really helpful although I’m still breastfeeding. Thanks for sharing with #StayClassy!


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