Skin secrets..

With summer just around the corner having soft smooth skin is on the top of our priority list. There is nothing nicer then a fresh face and for us summer always means wearing less makeup and letting our skin breathe. We thought we would share with you our top tips to good skin and it isn’t make up!



First and foremost is drinking water, Hattie and I drink gallons of it and always carry a bottle of water around with us. It really does make a difference to your skin and overall health. We have also been drinking Skinade which is a specialised drink that gives you beautiful skin from within. We have really noticed a difference since using it. Skinade works from within to help with collagen formation and skin function. It is also packed with vitamins and essential micronutrients for your skin. We have been drinking one bottle a day after breakfast and are loving it!


A good skin routine is always important in maintaining clear skin but I have always been really lazy when it comes to my skin routine. Having a baby has made me even lazier especially in the evenings when all I want to do is get into bed as quickly as possible.  I use makeup wipes to remove my makeup which I know is not the best thing for your skin and doesn’t properly remove all the dirt. Hattie tells me off for this constantly. She is much better when it comes to her skin routine and uses makeup remover, cleanser and toner. Something that we both agree on is a good moisturiser. We both love Dr. Hauschka! Hattie’s favourite is the Quince day cream and mine is the Revitalising day cream. Another product that we are both obsessed with at the moment is Dr. Hauschka’s soothing treatment spray. It is amazing, so refreshing and such a quick way of keeping your skin feeling great with minimal effort.

Love M xx

One thought

  1. Nooo mallory not face wipes you need to try liz earle cleanse and polish removes make up and cleanses in one step . I do shift work and often could not be bothered to cleanse at night but honestly this is so quick and easy it’s amazing x


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