Nude lip..

I LOVE a nude lip and am always on the hunt for a new shade to add to my collection. I’ve warn a nude lip for years, I always used to steal my mums when I was young and have loved it ever since. I often get asked what lip colour I wear so thought I’d share some of my favourites with you guys. The one I wear most days is VELVET TEDDY by MAC. It’s the perfect nude and my makeup never feels complete without it. It’s such a great colour that works with absolutely anything. It’s my go to/everyday essential and I will forever be obsessed with it.


Another one of my fav nudes is COCO CHANEL – BOY. It’s a lot more moisturising then the MAC with a soft sheen to it. It’s super subtle and natural but such a gorgeous colour. I love this in the summer when you don’t want something heavy caking your lips.


As you’ll know from a few previous posts, I’m loving a gloss at the moment and I found an amazing REVLON one called SMOKY TOPAZ. I always stuggle to find a nice gloss that has a good enough pigment to allow me to just wear the gloss, this one is perfect for that. It’s quite heavy but lasts much longer than most I’ve tried before.


TIP OF THE MOMENT: My lips have been so dry after pregnancy, I feel like my skin is so dull looking and my lips are seriously suffering so I’ve been using a small amount of lip liner (BOBBI BROWN – BEIGE) over my lips and using CARMEX on top. The lip liner gives just a subtle nude tint to the lips and the balm obviously hydrates them. Just something to try if like me your lips are in need of a little TLC.



Love H xx

One thought

  1. Looks Beaut! Defo going to invest in thsmat lipstick. Do u prep your lips with powder or any base before lip product application? X


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