Hattie and I were invited to an amazing Mothers Meeting x The Outnet event this week at the incredible Net-a-porter head offices. We have been following Mothers Meeting for a while and been wanting to attend one of their events for ages. It was such a great way to spend an eveing surrounded by so many inspirational mothers. There was a champagne reception followed by a panel discussion lead by Mothers Meeting founder Jenny Scott, Zoe AKA Dress like a Mum, PR guru Liz mathews and Eve Thomas the Outnet’s Fashion director.


The topic of conversation was of course fashion and both Hattie and I could really relate to everything that was being said. Fashion has always been a huge part of our lives and pregnancy can really throw you off your normal fashion course. I for one massively overcompensated for pregnancy and began wearing frumpy shapeless clothes very early on. The effect was that I didn’t feel like myself and I have since learned I could have held off alot longer before pulling out the maternity wear. In my next preganncy I have promised myself I will try and stay stylish for as long as possible. Just because you are pregnant doesn’t mean your sense of style should be sacrificed. Of course towards the end of pregnancy comfort is everything and compromises must be made but I intend to hold off for as long as I can, in a bid to hold onto my identity!



Hattie learnt from my mistakes and did pregnancy instyle, as many of you will know if you have followed our blog for a while. She continued to wear her usual stylish ensebles only purchasing a few maternity essentials such as jeans and a few shirts. Post pregnancy I stayed in my oversized unflattering clothes and felt frumpy and unattractive. I really struggled to find nice clothes that were suitable for breastfeeding. I like to think I have learnt a few tricks on the job and hope next time round I will be better equipped! My style has definately adapted to motherhood, I have gone from living in heels and not owning a single pair of trainers to loving them and wearing them most days. Hattie has always been more casual so her style hasn’t needed to adapt too much. Our top item for remaining stylish but practical would definately be a great pair of flats.


At the event there were lots of incredible clothes and accessories on display, canapes, a D.J and a hair braiding station. We really enjoyed meeting some other inspiring mums, networking, chatting and enjoying a few hours baby free. Of course as typical mum’s the conversation quickly turned to our little ones. It was such a great occasion and we will definately be attending another Mothers Meeting soon, we would really recomend getting involved if you want to connect with other creative and inspriring mums. To top off a great night we each got an amazing goodie bag with £100 voucher to spend on The Outnet which we are looking forward to spending! Big thank you to Jenny for having us and being an amazing host, she is one impressive lady! Get yourself to the next Mothers Meeting, you will not be disapointed.



Love M xx

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