Finding my wedding venue…

This week I went to Norfolk to stay with my mum and view some wedding venues, My mum, Joe’s mum, Hattie, Blythe and Otis all came along too.  It may seem strange to view wedding venues without my groom and I was sad about it but due to Joe’s job it’s impossible  for him to get away. Venues are already booking up for the summer of 2017 so we needed to act fast. Hopefully now that I have done some of the groundwork he will be able to have a look around soon and we can continue with our planning.


There are so many details that go into planning a wedding. It is such an exciting time but if I’m honest I also feel a little overwhelmed by it all! so many decisions and so many different possibilities. Flowers, food, music, venue, and a dress!  Finding the perfect venue is the first decision to be made and I lined up some amazing possibilities. It was really lovely having Hattie, Joes mum Sarah and my mum to help and offer their opinions. They were each able to offer a slightly different perspective. I think between the 4 of us we have just about thought of everything. It was really nice when we were unanimously in love with the same venue.



We viewed a variety of options a barn, an abbey and a few stately homes. For us as most of our guests will be travelling quite a distance it is important to have accommodation on site. We saw a really lovely barn venue called Elms barn which was in the grounds of a beautiful house and has really stunning gardens. It also has cottages for guests to stay in and you have the use of the venue for three days. We love this idea and really want to make a weekend of it rather then the celebrations be over in one day. Elm Barns had such a lovely feel to it but unfortunately it had no availability for the dates we want. Langley Abbey was another really beautiful location, it’s only down side being that although it does have some accommodation it doesn’t have as much as I would like.


We also viewed some beautiful halls and stately homes and have decided to go for this option for our wedding, I will be keeping our chosen location a secret for now but will share it with you all at a later date.  We have chosen a venue that we can have for the whole weekend and that will allow most of our close family and friends to stay on sight with us.  It has beautiful gardens and grounds and I just can’t wait for Joe to see it! He loves the sound of it and the fact that me and his mum both love it. Three of the other venues we looked at but have not chosen were Hengrave Hall, Oxnead hall and Holkham Hall. They are all really beautiful but some of them were a little bit further away from airports which would make travelling for our guests more difficult so we decided against them.

Hope you have enjoyed hearing about my wedding planning, I would love to hear from you about your own wedding plans or any tips you might have for me!

Love M xx

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  1. How exciting! We pondered over venues for ageeeees but in the end opted for a relaxed vintage marquee reception in my in laws garden! So glad you have found the perfect one, I’m sure Joe will love it! Norfolk is a beautiful place to get married xxx


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