Family farm

I love animals and am really excited to develop Blythe’s interest in them, We have a dog, Bear who Blythe is obsessed with. It is so sweet how much she loves him and Bear was one of her first words. She loves looking at pictures of animals and can make all the animal sounds, so when I heard about Hounslow urban Farm I was desperate to take her.  It is one of London’s largest community farms covering 29 acres. They have lots of animals including pigs, goats, cows, rabbits, ducks, geese and alpacas. Blythe loves pigs thanks to Peppa and George and makes the cutest snorting noise.


They have several activities every day including an owl display, pig races and animal encounters they also offer pony rides in the summer. The track was too muddy today so instead of pig racing we were able to feed the pigs. They told us that these huge pigs were in fact micro pigs because there is no standard breeding size for micro pigs which means people often buy them as pets and end up getting rid of them once they grow to big which is sad! As a child we had two pot belly pigs so I have always loved pigs. At Hounslow urban farm there is also a little café and an indoor barn with bouncy castles, ride on tractors and trampolines, there is also an outdoor play park and picnic area.



We had such a lovely time, Blythe loved the Animals or ‘mamals’ as she calls them and was in tears when it came to home time!  She was a little bit cautious at first which I think is a good thing as not all animals are safe to touch. When one of  the lambs was bleeting very loudly she got a bit of a fright and jumped with every ‘baaaaa’ but she soon joined in with him! We will definitely be going back again soon. we loved being outside and around the animals.  It was nice to feel like we were in the countryside without having to travel for miles. If you live in London I would really recommend taking your family to see the animals at Hounslow urban farm, it is a great day out for everyone.

Love M xx

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