Otis at 12 weeks..

So my baby is approaching 12 weeks, how has that happened? These weeks have honestly been the most amazing of our life. Some days have been challenging and hard with poo explosions and endless tears, but each day is filled with so much love and happiness. He is so alert now and awake a lot more throughout the days so we are really beginning to see his little character shine through, he is full of smiles and such a good little boy.




He’s had a really nasty cough/cold that has dragged on for about 6 weeks now, with numerious trips to the GP with no real answers or help we were finally told he has bronchitis. Poor baba! He has been so wheezy and I’ve felt so guilty and helpless but he seems to be on the mend which I’m so relieved about. We saw an amazing Paedatrition at the childrens hospital in Bristol who answered lots of our questions and made us feel so much more at ease.

Last night was also a milestone for Otis as he slept through the night for the first time! 9.30pm-7.30am! I woke up before him at 7 and just sat up waiting excitingly for him to wake up. He’s been a really good sleeper anyway so I can’t complain, with only one feed through the night from really early on. Hopefully that’s the end of night feeds, even though I will strangely miss those quiet feeds and cuddles we have at 3am. I didn’t think I’d ever say that, but you really should just cherish every moment you have while it lasts.


Love H xxx

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