Happy Easter!

Easter is a huge tradition in our family and has been for years. Our  great grandma was Russian and Easter is really big celebration there that we have carried on for years. We still make a traditional Paska cake using her recipe which is delicious!  We always try and get together for Easter as it’s a really special day for us all, it has always been one of my favourite times.


We begin our celebrations with an easter breakfast which usually consists of smoked salmon, champagne and hot cross buns. We hard boil eggs and dye them with food colouring and then play a game with them before we eat them. Everyone chooses an egg and you have to bash the eggs together, the winner is the person who’s egg is un-cracked.


We always have an egg hunt in the garden, rain or shine! As children we would hide excitedly in a room whilst the easter bunny delivered and hid our eggs in the garden. I was really excited to involve Blythe in her first egg hunt this year.  I bought her and otis really sweet bunny baskets from Sainsbury’s , She  loved carrying hers and hunting for eggs and little presents. She got so excited whenever she found something. Unfortunately Joe has an away game today so he is missing out on all the easter fun. We thought we would share some family photos of our day.











Hope you have all had a lovely Easter and ate lots of chocolate!
Love M xx

5 thoughts

  1. Looks like such a cute Easter weekend! Love your style Hattie, them trousers are amazing, please could you tell me where they are from? X


  2. It looks like you had a lovely Easter with your family! I was wondering where Hattie got her suede trousers from, they are wonderful! Many thanks x


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