Perfect Spring nails in minutes..

I’m a massive fan of a good manicure. I always feel like my hands look so horrible when they’re not painted but since being a new mum I don’t get much time to do my nails and let them dry! Nails inc to the rescue.. They’ve created the perfect spray on nail varnish that drys in minutes and allows you to wash off the excess so easily. Perfect for busy mums and, well, anyone that hates waiting for their nails to dry. It sound too good to be true but I promise you it’s not. I’m obsessed!!




It works best with a base coat, Nails inc do a fab one that I really reccomend. It’s really hydrating and drys super quick allowing you to spray away. The colour I’ve gone for is perfect for spring. Really subtle and goes with pretty much everything! It’s called ‘Mayfair lane


image1 copy 7

Enjoy your spring nails girls!
P.s My super cute PJ’s are MINKPINK from ASOS

Love H xxx

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