Healthy eating tips..

As soon as I had Otis I was so determined to get back in shape. I was super hard on myself and so strict with what I ate. I don’t regret being strict but do regret how much pressure I put on myself, I was so desperate to get back into my jeans I kind of forgot how much my body really went through. That being said I’m so happy with my progress and wanted to share a few of my tips that I found really helpful.

Snacking was a massive thing for me in pregnancy and because of my sickness I sometimes only ate snacks, so this has been really hard to cut back on. I found these really amazing and delicious snack bars called Rythm 108 dessert bars that have really satisfied my sweet tooth. They’re full of natural ingrediets with no added sugars or preservities and taste seriously good! They’ve got some amazing flavours, my favourites are the banana muffin and chocolate walnut brownie. You can have them warm or cold and are great with a cup of tea instead of biscuits.


Another thing I’ve been using is Fruiteatox. It’s a tea detox which you take every morning and every other night along with a healthy balanced diet. It’s supposed to help weightloss and your digestive system with it’s natural ingredients. I’ve been swapping my morning latte for this which has been super hard but I’ve really noticed a difference. I’ve felt fuller for longer and more energised throughout the day. I think this has a lot to do with my healthy diet but along with the tea I’ve been really happy with the results.


A typical days meal plan

Morning – Natural yogurt, fruit (raspberries, blueberries, banana) drizzled with honey. Fruiteatox tea.

Mid morning – Rhythm snack bar with a cup of tea.

Afternoon – 2 poached eggs/scrambled with smoked salmon and avocado.

Dinner –  Chicken thighs wrapped in parma ham or chorizo with kale and broccoli. Super simple but really delicious. (I drizzle a small amount of sweet chilli sauce over mid way through cooking)

Snack – Chopped banana with peanut butter and fruiteatox tea.

I try and cut out carbs as much as I can during the week, eating them maybe twice a week.  I’m no health expert though and everyone is different so what works for me, might not for you!



Hope you’ve enjoyed my healthy eating post and I’ve given you a bit of inspo to try something new.
Love H xx

2 thoughts

  1. Really loved this post!! Some good healthy tips thank you 😀 Also really love your hair colour I was wondering if you could tell me what colours you normally have done? Mines is looking a bit dry and lost its shine, really loving your colour!! Xx


  2. Hiya Lovelies!

    Me and my sister are just catching up on some of your blog posts and my sister came up with a idea that I thought I would share with you both.
    She thought you could create a BOURN SISTER SNAPCHAT and snapchat things like your ‘healthy eating tips’ or ‘your makeup for that certain day’.

    Just a thought…..!

    loving your blog also, speak soon xoxo


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