Simple style..

I usually love to be quite dressy but since becoming a mum I have had to adapt my everyday wardrobe sequins just aren’t always practical! I have taken a leaf out of Hattie’s book and started to enjoy wearing casual basics, jeans and trainers. Hattie came to stay this weekend and without actually meaning to we were both wearing almost identical outfits when she arrived. We had been planning to take photos of us in different outfits but thought it would be good to show a simple look that we both like and is so easy and practical to wear.





I had just bought these grey ripped jeans from Zara which I love, they are quite different to what I would usually go for but I love the detail and they are perfect for wearing day to day with Blythe. (The paint spot effect is also great for camouflaging all the things Blythe wipes on me with her dirty little hands. Bonus!)


Hattie and I are both wearing the same long sleeved basic tops from ASOS in grey and white. You can get these in multi packs and we have them in a few colours, they are so comfy and soft and great for layering. We are both wearing our Adidas superstar trainers, mine are the classic version whilst Hattie’s have slight lift.



Hope you like our looks!
Love M xx

One thought

  1. Quick question mallory having just seen instagram photo of the cake georgie lyon made for you . Does georgie do this professionally as I’m looking for someone to do a birthday cake for a special occasion xx


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