6 Nations England V Wales

We had a great family day out supporting Joe and England Rugby. It is so lovely to all get together and watch Joe, we are all so proud of him. He picked up an injury last week so it was great to see him back in the team. It has been a long 7 weeks of him being away from us training with England but it is all worth it, to be playing for your country is an amazing honour and achievement.



My mum and Hattie looked after Blythe whilst I went for lunch with some of the other players partners, they are such a great bunch of girls. It is so lovely to get together with them as we are all in the same boat and all feeling anxious and excited on game day. We are a great support network for each other which is really nice.



Blythe and I watched the game in the families box which is great because it means she can run around with the other kids whilst I can watch the match. She loved seeing the fireworks at the beginning of the game and got really excited by the atmosphere. She loved the clapping and singing and especially loved waving at daddy on the pitch.



Twickenham has such an incredible atmosphere on game day and it was amazing to see England Win the Triple crown. I know how hard they have been training so its great to see their hard work paying off.
Love M xx


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