As a breastfeeding mum I know how important it is too keep up your milk supply especially if you want to continue feeding past the age of 1. In the early days of breastfeeding I had milk in abundance but as my daughter begin to eat solids and breastfeed less my milk supply seemed to dwindle. She would get frustrated and upset and I would feel anxious and concerned that I had no milk left. I decided to give Boobbix lactation cookies a try and was really impressed with them. There is a great variety of flavours including chocolate chip and oat, cherry and almond, date and ginger, oatmeal and raisin and my personal favourite peanut butter and chocolate chip.


 They are a great snack for breastfeeding mums, especially in the early days where it can feel like you are constantly hungry! They taste delicious and are full of ingredients which naturally boost your breast milk production. They are great for you and your baby! They only work on breast feeding mum so they can be enjoyed by the whole family without worrying about daddy lactating! Blythe is a big fan of them too!

Boobbix cookies contain oats, flaxseed, brewers yeast and fenugreek which are all natural remedies to increase milk production they are also packed wth vitamins and minerals including fibre, iron, calcium, protein and omega 3. They are also made using unrefined sugars and flours meaning they help to provide you with longer lasting energy. This is something we could all use after one to many sleepless nights! If you are breastfeeding I would really recommend giving them a try. I have found them really helpful in keeping up my supply.

Love M xx




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