20 minute blow dry routine..


I’ve had a few questions about how I do my hair so thought I’d share it with you guys! As you know if you follow our blog, I’m a massive fan of a bouncy blow and often use heated rollers to get my finished look.  As a new mum, time spent on my hair is now kept to a minumum so this is a quicker, easier way of doing things. After washing my hair I always apply a heat protector, as I was always told if you should apply one thing to your hair it should be this.. And it’s always stuck with me! The one I use is Toni and Guy heat protection mist which I love and would definitely reccommend.

I then blast my hair roughly with my amazing GHD hairdryer (if you don’t have one you need one) until NEARLY dry. I part my hair into 2 sections and using a rounded brush flick out the ends, applying velcrow rollers as I go. I alternate the rollers, winding some inwards, towards my face and some outwards, away from my face. Once done I apply a good amount of hairspray all over and wave the hairdryer back over the rollers, to heat them up. Leave for 20 minutes, which is a perfect time to apply makeup and you’re done.. Simple as that! Any rollers will do, as long as they have a good firm grip of the hair.

Love H xx


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