My first Mother’s Day..

It is my first Mother’s Day and I actually feel really emotional about it. It is still kind of setting in that I am a mum to my little Otis. I look at him and think how did I make this perfect little person. Today is a really special day for me and we are spending it with Korey’s mum who I’m really close with too. We are all going for Sunday lunch to celebrate the occasion. So far being a mum has been such an amazing experience, I love watching him grow and change every day. It’s truly the best feeling in the world and the best job I could wish for. I feel so incredibly blessed.


I usually love to be with my mum and Mallory but we can’t all be together today here is a photo of my mum and I. Mallory and I feel so lucky that we have such a wonderful mum who would do anything for us she has been an amazing influence in our lives and has always been there for us. She is a mother, a friend and so much more. I have always felt I can tell her anything and she always gives me the best advice. Sometimes of course she annoys me as mothers seem to do but now that I have Otis I realise more then ever how important it is to cherish her. I hope that Otis will feel the same way about me as he grows up.



A little throwback picture of us with our beautiful mummy!! How are you spending Mother’s Day?

Happy Mother’s Day to all the special mums out there!
Love H xx

One thought

  1. Where is your brown coat and nude polo neck top from in the picture of you and your mum? They look great together!!


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