Mummy and Me..

As you will know from previous posts I love a bit of mother daughter matching and mothers day seems like the perfect occasion for it! I also happen to be a bit of a pyjama addict, I just love a new pair of Pjs. I came across these beautiful Pyjamas form My 1st years and thought they were so cute! They can even be personalised with your names on.



It is my second mothers day and we like to make it a special day, I know lots of people think mothers day is just another commercialised occasion to sell cards and flowers but I like to cherish it. I like to think that I appreciate being a mum every day but I still find it quite Amazing that I am in the ‘Mum club’.  I also like to take the time to appreciate my own mum for all she has taught me and the realisation that she was right about just about everything! when I had Blythe my mum said to me, now you will understand how much I love you and I really do! Mother hood throws so much at you from the minute you are pregnant your world is consumed by your child. who knew there were so many things to worry about? How is it humanly possible to feel so much love for something so small!? I Love being a mum more than anything,  it truly is the best job in the world. Without sounding cheesy I think mothers day is a lovely day to show appreciation and be thankful for mothers. It is not about the cards or gifts or grand gestures (although they are nice!)but really about being together with those you love and being thankful for what you have. I for one feel like one luck Mama!


Blythe is very generous and has treated me ( with daddy’s help) to a lovely stay at Stoke Park Hotel this weekend. She chose well it is a beautiful hotel and Is also voted as one of the most accommodating hotels for children in the Uk. It Has a lovely indoor pool with family splash times which we enjoyed! It has children’s menus in all of its restaurants including a special children’s afternoon tea which Blythe loved! They have an outdoor play area and a Creche. We took Blythe to the creche for an hour to play on Saturday whilst Mummy and daddy enjoyed a relaxing swim and steam room. The hotel made a real effort to welcome Blythe with non slip mats in the bath and bath toys. They also left a beautiful freshly made teddy cookie and chocolates spelling her name before bed. Which went down a treat! Joe and I are not into golf, but it has the most beautiful golf course if golfing is your thing.We had a lovely stay and would really recommend  it to anyone looking for a little retreat.

I hope everyone has a lovely mothers day!

Love M xxx

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