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I love food and I hate dieting! Unlike hattie who has pinged back into her size 6 jeans I am still struggling to loose my baby weight over a year on. Most of the time I don’t have time to worry about my figure but when I try and wear some of my favourite clothes and they don’t fit I get upset! What is interesting is that I used to consider myself ‘fat’ before I had a baby and looking back through my wardrobe the majority of my clothes are all a size 8.

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I am and always have been a massive foodie I’rtm not satisfied with boring, bland and unsatisfactory meals so I always find it hard to diet. I’ve tried just about every fad there is, cabbage soup, 5:2, Atkins and just plain old starvation. I’ve tired training but ultimately if your diet isn’t good you won’t see any results! The key to weight loss really is a good diet. Finally I have found something that I am actually enjoying and I have been able to stick to. Soulmate food are my new obsession and they are making dieting delicious! They do a variety of meal plans and detox diets catering to a variety of needs. I have gone for their weight loss plan, the plan is tailored to my height, weight and goals. I thought you would be interested to see what kind of food I have been eating.

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As someone who gets very excited about food, I know I am on to a winner when I am excited to eat diet food! I get two delivery’s a week and I rush to open my box of food, excited to see what is on the menu! There is a great variety and it is presented really nicely. It is bright colourful, fresh and delicious! The portion sizes I will admit are a lot smaller then I would usually eat but that is probably why I haven’t been loosing weight. For the first few days I felt a little hungry in the evenings but I think that is because I have gone for the package without snacks and haven’t really been adding my own snacks, which I probably should be doing. Saying that I am feeling happy, healthy and energised or as energised as a mum of a teething toddler can be!

I would really recommend checking out Soulmate food they can cater to most needs and have a variety of different packages. I have also tried their juice detox before which was also really good although I think juicing is pretty hardcore especially when your running around after a 14 month old baby!

I will keep you updated on my weight loss journey but I am really pleased to say I am already seeing results and loosing the pounds, I am almost into my size 8 jeans again!

To read more about my views on post baby weight loss check out my recent post for babycentre

love M xxx

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  1. This looks like such a fab idea!! I loved your blog post on feeling the pressure to lose the baby weight, I felt exactly the same. Especially as both my sister in laws bounced straight back into their size 6/8 jeans and that definitely was not the case for me!! My daughter is 2 now and although I lost my baby weight within a few months, my body has changed and I’m still trying to work hard for a body I am happy with by eating well and exercising! Slow and steady wins the race as they say 😉 xo


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