Colour and stripes..

Hattie and I both love a stripey Tee, It is such a classic look that never goes out of fashion. It’s such a versatile peice of clothing that can be worn by anyone anywhere. You can get such great striped pieces everywhere on the highstreet. It’s great to keep this look really classic and simple but we think its also fun to mix things up a bit and add a pop of colour and a statement shoe.

image3 copy

image1 copy 3

I have gone for a yellow Zara coat and Hattie has gone for a red Zara coat. Hattie’s striped Tee is from H&M and mine is from Zara. Hattie’s ‘mom’ style jeans are from ASOS and my ripped skinnies are from River Island. Our matching hightops are from Zara they are such a great statement shoe and are also super comfy. I am using my Louis Vuitton Neverfull MM which is one of my favourite bags, It’s great for chucking in all Blythe’s snacks and toys.

image3 copy 2

image4 copy

image3 copy 3

Love M xx


3 thoughts

  1. I understand that you are sisters but some of the pictures come across as quite strange. It’s the kind of pictures you’d expect to see with your partner


  2. Love the blog girls, especially the lifestyle pieces. How about doing a post about how you both met your partners? And what it’s like dating sports stars. I think it would make a great read.


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