Hattie’s beauty secrets..

I haven’t done a beauty post in ages and I’ve had a lot of questions about what foundation and fake tan I wear so I thought I’d put together a post letting you in on a few of my favourite beauty secrets.

 I get asked all the time what fake tan I wear but I actually don’t wear fake tan day to day unless I’m going out. I have naturally really olive skin tone and tan very easily. If I do go out I will always apply St Tropez gradual tan in medium-dark on my body. It’s super natural and doesn’t ever leave you with that horrible layer of orange that takes forever to scrub. Something I do use about twice a week is a St Tropez gradual face tan. I apply it after a shower just like a moisturiser and it just gives a really natural glow but nothing too orange. (as my face is always lighter than my body!!)

I love experimenting with my foundations as I go through phases of how I want it to look. I use to love a high coverage matte finish and hated any shine on my face so I used MAC Studio fix fluid in Nc30 and wore it for years this is what Mallory still uses now in NC25 Recently I’ve been loving the dewy, fresh faced finish so have been on the hunt for something new and finally found it. NARS sheer glow.. I’m in love! I apply it with my beauty blender and I’m obsessed. It has the perfect coverage but leaves the skin looking fresh and natural.


My  other must have at the moment is LVL lashes. This is a beauty treatment that perms and tints your natural lashes and the outcome is amazing! It doesnt damage your lashes and lasts about 6-8 weeks. It’s super easy to apply mascara and makes your natural lashes look super long. It’s my favourite treatment ever!! (costs around £30-£40)

I’ve also found an amazing new lipcolour. I’ve had such dry lips recently so have been struggling to wear my usual matte liptsicks so this is the next best thing. I don’t tend to wear lipglosses but this Revlon ultra HD lip lacquer in smokey topaz has been so hydrating and is such a nice colour I think I’ve been coverted.

Hope you’ve taken some inspo from my beauty secrets!
Love H xx


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  1. Can’t believe how great you look so soon after having otis hope you’re all well X btw have you or mallory gotten round to trying my recommendation of liz earles cleanse and polish I was wondering how you got on with it x


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