Double denim..

I used to hate wearing denim and was much more of a dress person but over the last few years I have really got into wearing it and jeans and a denim shirt are always one of my go to looks. Hattie has always been a massive denim lover. We decided to go for a really similar look here with a few subtle differences.



We have both accented our denim with beige coats my coat is from Zara and hattie’s coat is from Miss Selfridge. Hattie is wearing her favourite kurt geiger leopard print heels whilst I am wearing some nude courts from  Zara we have both gone for a ripped jean look, my jeans are from River Island and Hattie’s are from Asos Hattie’s shirt is from Asos and my shirt is from Primark.



Lots of people are afraid to wear double denim and I have to say I was always a bit cautious of it because it can look awful if done wrong! but if you accessorise right I think It is such an easy look to wear and can be dressed up or down with heels or trainers. It makes a real statement.






Taking these photos was quite hilarious as it was pouring with rain and really windy. I’m sure you can tell from the fact our hair is slick to our heads and blowing out of control in all directions! Hattie looks like she might just blow away. Blythe found it really confusing seeing us both in matching denim she kept thinking Hattie was me.

Hope you like our double denim looks!
Love M xx



3 thoughts

  1. Hi girls, hope your both well.. Whats the name of the jeans Hattie is wearing. I really like the colour. Thanks xx you both gorgeous btw xx Sam


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