Jack Valentine..

There is a knock at the door but when the door is answered know one is there, instead there is a small gift or treat. This is one of the only remaining traditions local to Norfolk, carried out by ‘Jack Valentine’ or ‘Old father Valentine’ who disappears into thin air after delivering his valentines gifts. Having spent most of our childhood in Norfolk our mum adopted this tradition and I have decided to continue it with Blythe.

Although she is still a little young to understand whats going on I couldn’t resist buying her some little valentine themed treats, after all why should grown ups have all the fun? I love giving gifts and buying presents so really I don’t need much excuse. I think it is nice to have little traditions that children can look forward to and be excited by. And it really only needs to be something small like some chocolate or a little toy.

I bought her some adorable snack boxes from paper chase they are so sweet. These are perfect for keeping things fresh after she discards them half eaten. They come in a great  variety of sizes and styles, I loved these because of their valentine theme. Paperchase have some great little valentine bits perfect for kids or grownups. I would definitely recommend popping into your local store. They also do some really lovely cards.

I got Blythe this gorgeous rain mac and matching wellies from Hatley I fell in love with the print its so pretty. They have some really lovely prints in Hatley, I love their Pyjamas and Outerwear. Blythe is obsessed with jumping in puddles so she will have great fun in these!



Blythe loves reading stories and is a bit of a book worm like me! She also loves Peppa Pig so I have got her this sweet Peppa pig book.  A chocolate heart shaped lollipop because what is valentines day without chocolate even if you are only little! I try not to give Blythe chocolate too often but if we are eating it it’s hard to stop her having some too! Its safe to say she is already choco-mad!

Because I will be in Rome watching Joe on Valentines day I have given Blythe her presents early. Hope you all have a great valentines day with those you love,
Love M xxx



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