Be my Valentine..

I am a sucker for Valentines Day! I love it. I love all things love! I know lots of people think it’s nonesense and just a money making scam but unfortuntely for Korey I don’t hold these feelings. I obviously think it’s important to be nice and love eachother all year round but I what’s not to like about a day to appreciate the one you love?





This year Korey and I have an extra special Valentine.. Our son Otis! We could’nt be more in love with him. I hope to keep him as my Valentine for as long as possible!!
We decided to spend this year at home as a family as Korey wasn’t away and we have had such a perfect Valentines weekend together. I woke up to a beautiful delivery of flowers and a delicious breakfast cooked by Korey which is extremely rare! (even more reason for me to like Valentines day)


I hope you have all had a lovely day too.
Lots of Valentines love, H xx

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