Tailored with love..

Everyone loves personalisation it’s such a huge trend at the moment for children and adults alike. Tailored with love is an amazing company which make the most adorable glitter printed T-shirts and Vests. If your looking for a special gift for a child or new born you really must check them out. Perfect for birthday T-shirts or adding a bit of sparkle to your child’s every day wardrobe.



If you love personalised kids clothes you really need to check out Tailored with love! We will definitely be getting Blythe and Otis some more things from Tailored with love. Blythe and otis are just 13 months apart in age which is really lovely, We hope they will have a really close bond like Hattie and I do with each other and our cousins!


I absolutely love this t-shirt for Blythe, because in our house it really is all about Blythe! She is such a little personality and already so determined to get things her own way. She is only 14 months but already has tantrums! God help me when she enters the ‘Terrible Two’s’ she is so strong willed!  It can be really hard to take photos of Blythe these days because she just doesn’t sit still! I love this photo of her cheeky little smile, It really captures her personality. I have paired it with a bob and blossom tutu skirt, which she loves to wear and instantly smiles and dances! It would look equally lovely with something more casual.


For otis we got this adorable vest which is perfect for valentines day! It is so cute he looks adorable in it!  We got this before he was born so haven’t got it personalised but it is such a lovely vest. Otis already grown and changed so much, I feel quite sad because I haven’t seen him since he was a few days old although we FaceTime every day. Blythe is obsessed with seeing him on FaceTime she shouts “baby baby” and kisses the screen. It is really sweet. It’s hard to believe that just over a year ago Blythe was as small as Otis. They grow up too quickly!


To shop the T-shirt and vest Blythe and Otis are wearing plus many more amazing styles shop online at  Tailored with love

Follow tailoredwithlove on Instagram and @TailorWithLove on Twitter

Hope you like Tailored with love as much as we do!

Love M xxx

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